GeoServer crunch time III


The GeoServer crunch time continues as all the last minute changes trickle in. This beta represents a feature complete line in the sand before FOSS4G.

July 20th update: I am going to run out of hockey references (I think the next one is this sudden death)

  • Andrea sent a stop-the-press noting that the kml rewrite was not being included in the build.

    The kml rewrite is one of the major new stories for GeoServer 2.4. Although many organisations consider KML publishing mission critical for their GeoServer use the actual implementation has had a hard time attracting funding and support.

    Thanks to the New South Wales Geological Survey for funding this work (and noticing it was missing from the beta). If your organisation makes use of KML please download and help test the beta. As this is a new implementation your time in testing is valuable to the team and making GeoServer 2.4 a success.


Getting Involved

If you would like to help out please download a GeoServer nightly build and try it out in your organisation.  We are set to hold a QA Party at the end of next week, check the GeoServer blog for details. The idea is taking shape on the developer list and should result in 24-hours of round the clock bug fixing, testing, and polish.

Helping test during this critical time period is one of the best contribution you can make to the GeoServer community. There will not be a better time to volunteer.

If you need a hand deploying GeoServer in your organisation check out our LISAsoft GeoServer Spatial Technologies page for support and training.