GeoServer crunch time

I am gearing up for the GeoServer 2.4-beta release, which should be feature complete for FOSS4G (you are going to FOSS4G right?). The stable series is still going strong with Ian Turton scheduled to release GeoServer 2.3.4.

This means it is crunch time in the GeoServer 6 month release cycle, and the developers are pushing hard (I will update this list as the changes come in).

July 11th update: what we can expect next week

  • The largest change for GeoServer 2.4.0 is the extensive changes to GeoServer raster support. On the backend GeoTools library Andrea has been reworking the API used to access raster data, laying the ground work for NetCDF support (Structured grid coverage readersEfficient support for multiple coverages in GridCoverageReader).
  • new implementation of KML has been added into GeoServer (the old implementation will be removed once 2.4.0 is released).
  • Frank has been encouraging everyone to Translate GeoServer with several languages racing to completion before our final release.

    The website is (but you will have to ask Frank how to take part)
  • Justin arrived with a great request on the mailing list today, we will see if we can sneak GeoPackage in as an unsupported module before next weeks deadline. 
  • Kevin has been busy on GeoWebCache and has just made a 1.4.0 release (for GeoServer 2.3.4). This will allowing the master to switch over to 1.5-SNAPSHOT in anticipation of sneaking in under next weeks deadline with a 1.5-beta release.
  • Andrea has packaged up GeoTools Transform as an extension. This is a great bit of work that allows you to manipulate feature data on the fly.  This idea started out in uDig, was packaged up as a WPS Process, and is now available as a FeatureSource allowing it to be plugged directly into the rendering engine.

Getting Involved

If you would like to help out please download a GeoServer nightly build and try it out in your organisation. Helping test during this critical time period is one of the best contribution you can make to the GeoServer community.

If you need a hand deploying GeoServer in your organisation check out our LISAsoft GeoServer Spatial Technologies page for support and training.