Last chance to reject "Geoservices REST API" standard

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Next Wednesday, the OSGeo Board will deliver an Open Letter to the OGC and OGC voting members, with multiple signatures, demonstrating the large number of people concerned about the negative consequences associated with making the "Geoservices REST API" an OGC standard.

Starting build cycle for OSGeo-Live 7.9

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We are starting the build cycle for version 7.9 of the OSGeo-Live DVD/USB/VM which will be released in March 2013, ready for several special events, including the OSGeo Code Sprint in Vienna, Spanish FOSS4G, French FOSS4G, FOSSGIS Germany, among others.

Our aim for this release is to focus on .deb packaging, which will make projects simple to install on all debian and ubuntu based distributions.

"How to publish maps" - at Envirohack

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At the upcoming Envirohack  event, I'll be compressing weeks worth of LISAsoft's Open Source Geospatial training material into a 10 minute lightning overview on how to publish geographic maps. I confess that I'll need to skimp on a few details, but it will give attendees direction on where to start, and where to look for more information.

A Call to Action: Digitize Imagery for the Philippines

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Request from the World Bank:

Typhoon Yolanda has had a devastating impact on the Philippines.  Thousands are feared dead and many more have been affected by one of the strongest storms on record. The work required to respond and recover from this event will be massive.

Getting to the Cloud

The Australian Government is developing a national cloud computing strategy. The government believes cloud computing is substantively cheaper in many cases and intends to promote it’s use in government and the wider community.

LISAsoft have migrated many of its core business software to cloud services and have experienced the savings and other benefits that are expected. This article is intended to help other organisations make similar transitions.