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“Thanks for a very informative and fun week of training."
- Cheryl from CSIRO

We provide a dynamic learning environment with lots of practical hands-on interactive exercises and real world examples.

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Cheryl says,  “Thanks for a very informative and fun week of training. Your workbooks were on track with what we needed and very easy to follow,...


Australian Bureau of Meteorology - National Environmental Information Infrastructure pilot

The natural environment plays an important role in Australia’s economy and way of life. To manage it effectively, governments, industry and the community need comprehensive, trusted and timely environmental information to make sound environmental decisions. To support this need, the Australian Bureau of Meteorology (the Bureau) is leading the National Plan for Environmental Information initiative that will deliver...


Professional Geoserver

The Course

Professional Geoserver  consists of a series of two-day courses that provide an in-depth look at GeoServer. It focuses on the role of GeoServer in a stack of spatial software to publish spatial data. It considers the use of of GeoServer by clients, using OpenLayers as an example. Also considered are data sources such as spatially enabled relational database (PostGIS and Oracle) as well as raster imagery and coverage data....