Spatial Technologies

Spatial Technologies


LISAsoft specialises in the full range of spatial technologies, including spatial databases and web services, as well as clients for desktop, web and mobile applications. These are all integrated using spatial standards.

At the bottom of the spatial stack is the spatial database. Spatial databases provide efficient storage for spatial attributes and provide interfaces for spatial queries, such as “what suburbs are within five km of a train line?” There are a range of spatial databases available, both proprietary and open source, ranging from enterprise systems through to light databases designed to run on mobile phones.

In the middle, we have web services. There is a range of standards based web services for publishing spatial information, such as the Web Map Server, which publishes map images, Web Feature Server for publishing vectors, and Catalogue Server for the Web, which is used for finding spatial and non-spatial datasets. By designing systems around these standards, architects can build...


NTLIS – GeoServer Oracle3D Support

The challenge presented by the Northern Territory Land Information System (NTLS) was on the surface a simple GeoServer maintenance request: Bring Oracle 3D support up to the level provided for PostGIS users.

The widespread deployment of three-dimensional information in GIS systems is still in the early stages, presenting integration challenges not often encountered in the course of normal deployments.

This provided three...


PostgreSQL High Availability


The PostgreSQL High Availability course is a two day advanced course which builds on the PostgreSQL Administration course, providing an insight into ways to tune, manage and extend your Postgres database to provide a highly available environment.

The PostgreSQL High Availability course is a valuable asset to administrators looking to enhance their environment to its full potential


The module is suitable...