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LISAsoft understands the importance of increasing the knowledge of your staff to benefit your business. Our spatial training courses provide you with  tools to help you optimize your resources.

“Thanks for a very informative and fun week of training."
- Cheryl from CSIRO

We provide a dynamic learning environment with lots of practical hands-on interactive exercises and real world examples.

Our approach to training is simple

Provide training that is relevant, timely, convenient and cost-effective.

Cheryl says,  “Thanks for a very informative and fun week of training. Your workbooks were on track with what we needed and very easy to follow,...


Open Geospatial Consortium Test Beds

LISAsoft has helped agencies participate in spatial standards development and the stressing and verification of upcoming standards, by coordinating schema development, and building software test pilot applications in OGC testbeds.

The Challenge

To support Australian and New Zealand organisations to develop international geo-standards through the OGC’s test bed program. 

The Solution

Since 2007, LISAsoft has been...


PostgreSQL Administration


PostgreSQL Administration is a three day course and is one of three professional PostgreSQL courses that LISAsoft has on offer.

This course is prerequisite to the PostgreSQL High Availability and PostgreSQL Oracle Migration courses. At the conclusion of the course attendees will be familiar with Postgres architecture and the configuration, maintenance, administration, backup and recovery of Postgres databases. In...